Top 10 Tips To Help You Pace When Having a Chronic Illness.

  1.  Write Everything You Need To Do Down—Writing things down that you need to do for the day gives you a good prospective of which things are more important and need to be completed first.
  2. Prioritise Your TO-DO List—Once you have a lst written down on things you need to do it is easy to prioritise what needs to be done and in which order and what can wait.
  3. ASK FOR HELP—We have spent out time when we were not ill doing everything we needed without help, we have become too proud. If you are struggling ask for help.
  4. Choose One Task a Day—If you are one of those that cannot do much and want to do something pick one task to do a day.
  5. Set a Timer During Tasks— Instead of doing ALL the task at once then sitting down in agony for the rest of the day break it down into smaller tasks with a timer. E.g.—10 minutes task, 5 minutes break, 10 minutes task, 5 minutes break ….
  6. Listen To Your Body—Listen to you body and if you are becoming tired or sore at the first sign STOP. Don’t try to carry on with the pretext of ‘I only have this left to do.’ Your body is giving you a warning sign for a reason.
  7. Appreciate The Small Achievements—Because small achievements were never on our list when we were not ill we forget how important they are. Getting out of bed, Having a Bath, Washing the Pots, are all good Small achievements for someone with a Chronic Illness. Remember to congratulate yourself on the small things to improve your mood.
  8. Build Up Slowly—If you’ve not done anything for weeks due to a flare your body will NOT be able to clean the whole house top to bottom straight away. Learn to build yourself slowly, do as above (one task a day)
  9. Question Whether You Need To Forgo Something Else—Remember the Spoon theory, we have limited energy, if there is something you REALLY want to do then you must forgo something else.
  10. Make The Norm Your Norm—We’ve grown up in a world where the normal is something we cannot do anymore. So if you cannot stand up and cook, make your normal way of doing it by sitting down.

When we grow up in such a ‘Normal’ society we spend our time being ignorant of others and what can or cannot be done, in this  visual aid it is easy to see why we feel rather isolated quickly.

We start in the CITY BLOCKS and all of a sudden we have a chronic illness and you end up on the DESERT ISLAND unable to understand why and how to do anything. From that moment all you want is either someone to help (rescue you  like the HELICOPTER) or for you to get back to normality. However as you can see that is difficult as your illness is depicted here as SHARKS. What we need to do is find the STEPPING STONES to help us learn how to do something differently so we can make OUR NORMAL work for us.