Holidays With Fibromyalgia

Come Prepared

When going on holiday with any chronic illness we need to make sure we have everything we need. We all know the obvious things like packing our medication but what things do we not take into consideration when going on holiday?

  • Use a Pill box to organise your medication as much as possible, this will allow you to make sure you have enough meds to last you the whole holiday but also a few days after just in case of delays.
  • Get travel insurance, we all know that we are probably going to have to pay a little more on the insurance then a healthy person but a major trigger of Fibro is stress and that is the last thing you need if you fall ill on holiday.
  • Place a copy of your prescription with your medication in your hold luggage. If yours is one of the spot luggage they check they will confiscate any medication that is found without a prescription.
  • Most airports provide free assistance, this is things like wheelchair access etc. If you think you will need this sort of help it is free at Manchester Airport as long as you book 48 hours before your departure date so they can deal with your requirements. Their URL for this is—
  • Familiarise yourself with the local healthcare systems in the destination you are traveling too, this includes finding local hospitals or walk in centres.
  • Eye masks and Ear plugs are a great accessory to any Fibro sufferer that has Hyper sensitivity.

Brief your Travel companions.

If you are travelling with a group of friends or people that are not all aware of your condition it is always helpful to make sure everyone in the group is aware of your conditions and how they could possibly help or even how your condition can limit the amount you can do when on holiday.


Don’t skimp on the cost of your accommodation, yes we all like a cheap or cheaper holiday then the next person, but if you are aware that you are likely to be doing something on holiday that could possibly take it out of you make sure you have a decent place to crash at the end of the day. If you are traveling in a group of people you may want to invest in a private room so you have somewhere to chill where you will not be disturbed.

Days Off.

You want to spend as much time on holiday as you can with your friends and family members, however having a chronic illness you need to have days off to recharge your batteries otherwise you will be that person that spends the last half of the holiday in bed. Schedule days off where you can lounge by the pool or read a book in bed, something you know doesn’t take it out of you too much.

Consider your Transport.

Remember for those of you that have a Blue Badge, this is valid across Europe. Hiring a car on your holiday will help a lot more then taking the bus.


Having a chronic illness we all still want to be the person we used to be, but we have to come to terms that we cant do everything anymore. Research the areas you want to see that way you can prioritise your visit.

  • Write down your “MUST SEE’S” first, that way if you are feeling groggy after these you have seen what you wanted to and wont feel as guilty for yourself ot others in your party / family.
  • Accept that you need to adapt your plans based on how you are feeling at that given time.
  • Load up on your diet friendly snacks, feeling tired and hungry is a sure on to shorten the day more then you want.

Know your Limits.

No one else is going to tell you that you need to slow down, know when it is time to sit down or head back to the hotel for a mid-afternoon nap. Better then ending up in hospital on your holiday. Take your time and allow extra time for yourself to get to airports or your destination (if driving)

Focus on Positives.

We all know we’ve sat there one in a while and cried over things we have missed out on due to our chronic illness, but instead of sitting in your hotel room crying about things you are not able to do how about do something you wouldn’t usually do –

  • Run yourself a nice bubble bath
  • Order Room Service (naughty 🙂 )
  • Plan your day for tomorrow
  • Remember Keep Calm and Carry on.

Coming Home.

Going on holiday for someone with a chronic illness can really take it out of you. If you are one of those that goes out for a night and then needs a week to recover remember to book yourself a few extra days off work to allow you time to recover.