My Therapy

Number 3 on Google Play Store’s list for Medication reminders, it is available on both Google Play and iTunes stores but this is another application that does not have any content for anyone with a Windows phone.

 The application has the same simplicity that ‘Medica Reminders’ has, so for those users that are looking for a simple to set up application, however it only allows for 4 different elements to be added into the application. Those are 

  • Medication
  • Measurement
  • Activity
  • Symptom 

When you set up the different elements you can choose how you want to be informed by each individual type. I like this setting as it allows you to customise the sounds for your different medication so you will be able to understand as soon as you hear the ringtone what medication you are needing to take next.

Although you have the capability of adding in measurements, activities and symptoms, the journal part of the application only shows the medications you have scheduled for the day and how well (in a percentage) you have kept to taking them. It is missing the ability to see a report of how many times you have had certain symptoms in the last week or whether you have gained weight using those new medication. All important information that you could have inputted but the application has no real use for it.