Medica Reminders

Number 2 on Google’s Top 5 Medicine reminders is ‘Medica Reminders’, which is only available on Android OS and Windows Phone OS. Medica used to be available on iTunes but no longer seems to be on the store.

Medica application is a very simple application, very good for those users that want an almost install and go application. Once you have installed it onto your device you can quickly add medications that you have, and each can be added under a category, some of them are –

  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Syrup
  • Powder
  • Drops
  • Inhaler
  • And quite a few more..

The category changes the picture that you see next to your medication on the home page, however it only shows the pictures that are stored in the application and cannot be customised. Unfortunately I have to say i would prefer the home screen to be a bit more informative. Unlike Medisafe, there is no way to quickly see what tablets you have missed and what are next to be taken. This view can be located by clicking on the ‘Clock’ symbol at the top right hand corner. 

Even though the list is there, without looking at each med in turn, there is still no real way to quickly view which medications have been missed and for someone that cannot remember to take their medication, remembering to check which one’s I have missed during the day would be a lot more difficult on this application.