Medicine Reminders

So who reading this has ever sat down and thought to themselves

I’m in pain, I need some more pain killers

Which is then very closely followed by the thought

When did I take my last lot?

Remembering things, particularly short term things, can be difficult for nearly all Fibro sufferers. Not to mention if you are having a particular foggy day with your Fibro Fog. If you haven’t forgotten when the last time you took your Co-codamol / Ibuprofen is then you have forgotten to take your daily medications and if that is not bad enough ordering the next prescription in time to have the next amount of medication before you current lot runs out is beyond me…

The following pages have information on different ways and apps that we have come up with to help deal with not only our remembering of when to take our medication, but to help with other aspects of the Fibro sufferers life. As next to pain the forgetfulness I believe is the next deliberating symptom of this condition.