About Us

Established in September 2016, the group was put together by Janine Hurd to offer support to anyone within the Tameside area whom are suffering from Fibromyalgia or have a loved one that suffers from the condition. We are a registered charity group with the FMA UK (registered charity in England and Wales: 1042582) therefore we are able to fund raise to raise funds to be able to run the support group.

Who Are We?

 We have Five admins that run the group, those are –
  • Jeni Gill – Chair Person
  • Rashi Parry – Vice Chair
  • Richard Green – Head Treasurer
  • Maria Mellor-Britton – Fund Raiser

Where & When Do We Meet?

We meet up on Tuesdays every two weeks. The meeting takes place at the Ashton Fire Station, Audenshaw and up-to-date meeting dates can be found on both the website Fibro-Warriors or our Facebook group tamesidefibrowarriors

Contacting Us

You can contact us by any of the following methods –
  • E-mail – admin@fibro-warriors.co.uk
  • Facebook – @tamesidefibrowarriors
  • Instaram – @tamesidefibrogroup
  • Tritter – @FibroSupportNW